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5 min readAug 25, 2022

We launched our Fitmint communities back in March, 2022 and then the first version of our app in April and what a ride it has been. Highlights of the last 6 months have been as follows:

  • 10,000+ beta app users
  • 75% users workout daily with the app
  • 150,000+ global community
  • $1.5 Million Primary NFT sales
  • 10,000,000+ Calories burned

For those who are new here, Fitmint is a move-to-earn game where you can earn rewards in crypto tokens, called $FITT, simply by walking, running, playing sports or working out.

However, this is just the beginning.
Our broader vision is to create a digital fitness ecosystem where millions of people get fit everyday, get rewarded for their efforts and connect with their favourite fitness brands and sports athletes. And at the same time, It enables us to onboard millions of people to web3 which is struggling to get a mainstream adoption since years.

While most of these stakeholders will come in at a later point in time as per our roadmap, here is a gist of this entire ecosystem we are dreaming of and the stakeholders in it.

Stakeholder 1: Direct Players

These are the players that use the Fitmint app to workout, earn $FITT tokens and get healthier over time.

  • Direct players participate in the core Fitmint gameplay by minting a NFT sneaker or purchasing it from our marketplace
  • They can use the $FITT tokens to avail discount vouchers or direct purchases against fitness products and services

Stakeholder 2: Fitness Influencers

There is a whole world of people struggling to be consistent with their fitness regimes and this is where the fitness influencers come in. With our ambassador programme (coming soon), fitness influencers will be able to become ambassadors of the ecosystem and help spread the word in return for loyalty rewards.

Imagine being able to use the Fitmint app after purchasing a “Special Edition” Sneaker NFT of your favourite fitness influencer and then becoming a part of their exclusive community.

Stakeholder 3: Builders

While all in game assets are directly designer by the Fitmint team, in the future, creators would be able to make their own in game assets, sell it in our marketplace and earn royalty in return.

Stakeholder 4: Fitness Centres

Whether it’s a gym, yoga studio or a dance studio, fitness centres today struggle with new member acquisition and retention.
What if a “Fitmint Enabled” Fitness Centre could help you with a Special Edition Fitmint NFT Sneaker which was only usable inside their premises to earn $FITT tokens.
Their special in-app leaderboard would also be able to find the most active and consistent members to reward and you’d be able to see where you rank amongst all the members of the Fitness Centre.

Stakeholder 5: Corporates & Their Employees

Our corporate collaborations would enable your company to provide you with a Fitmint Sneaker NFT (with your company logo) with which you can access the gameplay. Each company would get access to their own:

  • Leaderboard and rankings
  • Company specific competitions. Product Managers vs Developers, wouldn’t that be fun?

Companies would also have access to the data to reward their healthiest employees.

Stakeholder 6: Fitness Brands

Why sell $FITT when you can redeem them for fitness products and vouchers with better value?

Premium fitness brands would be able to reach out to the entire Fitmint Club to showcase their best in class fitness products. Fitmint users would be able to access these products at a discounted rate in exchange for their $FITT tokens.

Why stop there? What if you could get a discount on your health insurance premiums every year for your $FITT tokens?

Stakeholder 7: Fitness Service Providers

Fitness coaches, dieticians or even psychotherapists. Book free/discounted sessions with the best in any part of the world for your $FITT tokens. Wouldn’t it be perfect if your daily $FITT token earnings could pay for your fitness coach with no extra money being spent from your pocket?

Final Words

This is just the beginning. This is just everything we want to achieve over the next 12 months and not stop there.
Fitness is much more than the working out, it’s about your diet, it’s about your mental health and we are not stopping until Fitmint is the only platform you need to be healthy for the rest of your life, no matter which corner of the planet you’re at.

Want be part of the ecosystem? There are a few ways.

  1. You can start using the Fitmint app beta version already:
  2. You can purchase the $FITT tokens at our token sale starting August 30, 2022:
  3. You can join our community:



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