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4 min readJun 26, 2022

How often have we sworn to become healthier, fitter in January but broke our resolutions even before February began? Or to start working out religiously at the gym from Monday but that Monday never comes? These were the questions that kept us up at night to find out why working out consistently is so difficult.

Well, to get to the answer to this we spoke to several people, from fitness enthusiasts to tech professionals, who were struggling with the same problem as us. And what we learned is something perhaps you too will relate to:

  • Lack of motivation: We all aspire to be fit but the motivation of being fit is not that strong enough which can overcome the efforts required to actually grind. There are not good enough incentives which can push us to go gymming or running daily
  • Where are the incentives: Most of us are all mired in this culture of ‘instant gratification’ but It takes at least a couple of months of consistently working out in order to start seeing results. Unfortunately, most of us end up quitting before we can reap the benefits.
  • It gets boring: Let’s be honest, going for a run or gym alone is boring for most of the people. Research has shown that when you work out in groups, it ceases to be just another workout and instead becomes a fun activity which you can truly enjoy. However, many of us struggle to find partners & friends willing to play the same sport or go running together at the same time.
  • Lack of accountability: If there is nothing to hold you accountable for something, you are most likely to give it up. And same problem is with Fitness, If you don’t wake up today and hit the gym, nothing will happen or no one will question you.

There are hundreds of fitness apps on different app stores, each trying to solve one or more of these fitness challenges that we all face. We’ve all personally tried at least a few of them but none of them could really help build a habit of working out consistently.

How Fitmint solves this

Introducing Fitmint, a move-to-earn game where you can earn rewards in crypto tokens and NFTs simply by walking, running, playing sports or working out. We are using core human psychology research and web3 economic models to help you build a habit of working out consistently and staying fit. Primarily, we are using 2 core concepts in our app:

  • Game-Fi: Game-Fi is a combination of Gamification & Decentralized Finance, aka ‘De-Fi’. It is common knowledge that games are addictive — just ask your nephew. And De-Fi, on top of it, makes it even more interesting by adding a layer of monetary rewards to it. We’re essentially creating a game which will keep you hooked and incentivise you to workout daily. It’s a simple strategic gameplay where you workout and earn $FITT Tokens. Then you can use these tokens to cash out or earn more by playing the game — upgrade your Sneaker, breed new sneakers, unlock streak rewards and much more.
  • Social-Fi: One of the core mantras we hit upon was — your tribe determines your drive! With Fitmint you can find your tribe… Simply create a group of your friends on the app and compete with each other in different competitions. Enter these competitions, using your FITT tokens, and if you emerge at the top you take home the entire prize pool. The winner will be decided on several parameters such as consistency, calories burned, and so on.

In the coming few months, we also plan to bring real world utility to the app where the users can engage with their favourite sports athletes and fitness brands using NFTs and FITT tokens.

How to use Fitmint

To begin your journey, you first need to download our app from the play store and mint a sneaker NFT which gives you access to the Fitmint app. Post that, you can start working out and earning in FITT tokens, our native ERC20 token built on the Polygon blockchain.

Your sneaker NFT will have various attributes like power, durability, stamina, and comfort which determines how much you can workout and earn. You can use some part of your FITT earnings to upgrade your sneaker and other gameplay activities like breeding, competing with friends, and so on.

Over time, not only will you keep earning more FITT tokens, which you can use in the gameplay or cash out, but also boost the value of your Sneaker NFT increase as you keep upgrading. And more importantly, you also ACTUALLY workout and get fit. Isn’t that a win-win?


Our broader mission is to create a world where billions of people get fit everyday, engage with like minded communities and connect with their favourite sports athletes and fitness brands. And at the same time, It enables us to onboard billions of people to web3 which is struggling to get a mainstream adoption since years

Get Fit, Get $FITT.



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